Mr. Seyed Ali Malakooti

Mr. Seyed Ali Malakooti's picture
Doctoral Candidate

My research interests include reconfigurable unidirectional antenna array for medical imaging applications. 

Professional Exeperience

  • BSS engineer at Mobinnet Wimax Co., Tehran, Iran — Jul 2015 – Aug 2016


  • Adelaide scholarship for international students (ASI). 2016

Former Publications:

  • A Novel Design of Triple-Band Gysel Power Divider, M Hayati, SA Malakooti, A Abdipour, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques 61 (10), 3558-3567,2013
  • A new design of equal and unequal dual-band gysel power divider with controllable bandwidth, M Hayati, SA Malakooti, M Jamshidi, YY Sarvarani, Electromagnetics 33 (8), 609-622,2013
  • A broadband out‐of‐phase gysel power divider based on a dual‐band circuit with a single fixed isolation resistor, S Mohammad Hadi Mousavi, M Salar Rahimi, SA Malakooti, B Afzali, and V. Fahimi, International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer‐Aided Engineering 26 (9), 796-802,2013