The goal of this research is to use variation caused by inevitable nanofabrication non-uniformity and imperfections that are undesired in traditional systems, for the better. Imperfection leads to random electronic characteristics across nanogrids, and hence, super high secure physical one-way functions for secure authentication applications.

So our project aims to develop an on-chip physical unclonable function (PUF) based on recent progress in nanotechnology to generate unprecedented number of unique signatures. This is significant because these signatures can be used for preventing fraud and counterfeiting, protecting sensitive data and securing communications. PUFs will play an extremely vital role in future security systems. The PUF in the proposed project will be simple, fast, tiny, energy efficient and highly secure as a result of the abundant nanofabrication variations. The outcome of this project will be a prototype of a super high secure nanoelectronicbased PUF that will be tested to evaluate the technology and its security against malicious attacks.



Mr. Yang Su

Mr. Garrison Gao

Dr. Omid Kavehei

Dr. Damith Ranasinghe