SmartCities initiative aims to bring our expertise in sesing, sensor data anlytics and using leant models to understand the causes of events captured by sensor data together to help build resilient and smart cities of the future. In this endevour we are collaborating with city councils and technology providers to help build innovative solutions to problems that affect us all.

Successful initiatives from the students at the Lab:



A team of students built the ConnectedParks concept and won Telstra Internet of Things for aSmart City challenge. Watch the winning announcement below.


The Pulse of the City is an interactive pusle map of social media trends to visualise a city’s heartbeat in real time.

The value proposition of this web application is that it can drive a city to thrive by highlighting the trends and events of the city.

Features include:

- Real time trend list on the right pane, aggregating and generalising hashtag, geolocations, and analysed images.

- List of the cities current events on the left hand side.

- Images analysed for smiles to give sentiment rating to the events.

GovHack Unleashed

The idea originated in GovHack Unleashed 2016 Hackathon by Eric (Erfan) Raygan from Auto-ID Lab who participated in the challenge as part of the Aragorn Team (Team of 5).

The Idea won the Grand Prize of Adeladie Smart City Championship as well as the Vibrant Adeladie Prize.

Read about the competition here


Damith Ranasinghe