Population ageing is a global phenomena demanding novel technological developments  as a result of increased healthcare costs and wishes of older people  to stay in their own homes for longer. Combining the ubiquity of Internet connectivity in homes with pervasive and intelligent sensors to exploit user interactions with everyday home appliances create the possibility to build a new generation of assistive technologies for smart homes.  We present a demonstration of HoTAAL (Home of Things for Ambient Assisted Living) where appliances exhibit seamless social interractions with each other and older people to provide assistance in daily living activities, especially in meal preparation tasks. These technologies  are unobtrusive and able to coherently interconnect with older people in a naturalistic manner.

We have implemented three social appliances: i) a social refrigerator; ii) a social microwave; and iii) a social bin.

The design of the social Fridge, the social microwave and the social bin are illustrated below.


The following video will demonstrate few capabilities of our social microwave and social bin.


Asangi Jayatilaka

Yang Su

Dr. Damith Ransinghe